Defeated Griffin asked to pack bags and go

Party’s vile politics have no place in British democracy: Hodge

7th May 2010:
British National Party leader Nick Griffin’s unyielding anti-immigration stand apparently did not find support with the voters. He conceded defeat in a bid to become his party’s first MP.

He was, in fact, told to "pack your bags and go", after Labour veteran Margaret Hodge was declared victorious in her battle with Griffin for the east London seat of Barking.

Amidst cheers, Hodge asserted the message from the people of Barking was loud and clear "Pack your bags and go."

Describing it as a great moment in history, she said people of Barking have not just beaten, but had smashed the extreme right.

She added lesson from Barking to the BNP was clear the party should get out and stay out. The party was not wanted here and its vile politics have no place in British democracy.

Griffin and another BNP member were elected to the European Parliament last year, with the party taking nearly a million votes, its best-ever election result.

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