Delays on marriage applications have terrible effects on families – JCWI

The UK Border Agency’s backlog of marriage applications exposed by Chief Inspector of Borders and Immigration John Vine betrays a disturbing reality, JCWI has said.

JCWI pointed out that the lack of urgency and frequent delays have terrible effects on families. A ten year wait for a decision makes for ruined childhoods, wrecked marriages and has an appalling toll of people’s health and wellbeing.

The fact that there is a 53% success rate on appeal shows the poor quality of decision making, JCWI said, adding that the costs of applying for visas are astronomical – £826.00 for an initial spouse application – and the service provided is way below the standards anyone could reasonably expect.

An appeal costs £140.00 but often involves excessive legal fees as well.

Mr. Vine’s report discovered what JCWI described as a glaring lack of consideration of the best interests of children. This is in contravention to UKBA’s duties on human rights, JCWI said, adding that it is an appalling infringement of the rights of families and children and must be wholeheartedly condemned.

Habib Rahman, Chief Exec of JCWI said: “This is not just a matter of UKBA needing to raise their game. These figures reveal, once more, the culture of disbelief and refusal that exists with UKBA. It is not acceptable that people are having to wait up to ten years for a decision. The human stories behind the figures here are characterised with suffering and heartache. Change is vital and urgent.”

UKBA’s backlog of marriage applications date back to 2003

UKBA doesn’t have a policy to deal with backlog of cases – Bryant