Detention centre officer allegedly leaves detainee pregnant; fired

Officer was employed at Yarl’s Wood Immigration Removal Centre 18th July 2011: An officer at an immigration centre was fired after the claims that he got a detainee pregnant. The Serco employee working at Yarl’s Wood Immigration Removal Centre in Clapham, was dismissed on July 8.
A spokesman for the firm, which has handled and operated the centre since April 2007, confirmed the member of staff’s misconduct was in link with the case of a resident who became pregnant.

In February, Bedfordshire on Sunday disclosed that the officer had been suspended pending an internal and professional standards investigation.

 It is believed the employee was suspended on full pay from January. This week a spokesman for Serco confirmed the member of staff had been dismissed.

The spokesman added that they expected the highest levels of professionalism from their staff at all times, and they did not tolerate bad behaviour.

 He said there was an option the former employee may appeal against the dismissal. Over the last four and a half years, a total of nine detention custody officers working at the centre have been dismissed. There are currently 239 Serco staff at the centre.

Yarl’s Wood has also faced controversy since it opened in 2001. On Valentine’s Day in February 2002, half of the building was damaged by fire. The undamaged half was re-opened in September

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