Detention period at Dover immigration centre increases

Period increases by nothing less than two months.
20th May 2011: Despite constant criticism on the detention system, latest data reveals that the detention period at Dover immigration centre has increased.
In effect, the data revealed by the BBC shows the period has increased by nothing less than two months.

Though it is tough to pinpoint the exact cause of the increase in the length of stay, it is being blamed on a number of factors. One of the prominent factor is the lengthy appeal processes.

As per the figures, the immigrants at the Dover centre are now being detained on an average for as many as 195 days. The period is 64 days longer than the time spent by the detainees the previous year.

Already, concern is being expressed on the issue by charities and immigrants’ rights organisations, as the length of time detainees are held in custody has increased with no information on release date.
Charity Dover Detainee Visitor Group insists the detainees just do not have any idea about the duration they will be held for after their arrival at the centre.

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