Don’t grant asylum to illegal immigrants, says UKIP MEP

Illegal immigrants found in Tilbury Docks should not to be given asylum, Thurrock’s MEP and candidate for Parliament Tim Aker has said.

Mr Aker warned that granting them asylum would send a “soft-touch message” to the rest of the world.

“Thousands and thousands of migrants try and come to Britain in the legal and proper manner. We must not send a soft-touch message to the rest of the world that those who come here illegally will be allowed to stay,” Mr Aker said. “Doing so simply encourages more people to risk their lives resulting in fatalities as we have recently seen and encourages people traffickers.”

Mr Aker, who recently visited Tilbury Port in Thurrock, said people in the area and in the UK were “sick and tired of illegal immigrants coming here and being allowed to stay.”

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