`Don’t make scapegoats out of immigrants’: anti-fascist activists

Tackle real issues like unemployment, declining services

30th April 2010: With the general elections just round the corner, anti-fascist activists have asked the politicians to address issues like jobs and declining services, rather than make a scapegoat out of the immigrants.

The assertion came soon after Prime Minister Gordon Brown’s faux pas of dubbing a pensioner a "bigoted woman", after she confronted him on the issue of immigration.

He was canvassing in Rochdale, when Gillian Duffy confronted him about benefits and immigration. She claimed that eastern Europeans had been "flooding" into Britain.

As Brown was moving away in his car, he branded Duffy as a "bigoted woman". At that moment, he was completely unaware his words were being aired by a Sky News microphone he had forgotten to remove.

He has already tendered apology to Duffy in person. Reacting to the developments, Weyman Bennett of Unite Against Fascism asked the politicians to change their campaign’s focus and tackle the real causes of unemployment and spending cuts.

Describing spending cuts as a direct result of the bankers’ crisis, he said unemployment has registered an increase soared in parts of the country due to the closure of factories and relocation to labour-cheap countries.

He said the most effective method of beating the fascists and addressing the working-class communities’ genuine concerns on jobs and services was to make bankers pay for their own crisis.

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