Economists lambast UK’s response to refugee crisis and explain why refugees should be taken in

Leading economists including former senior officials in government and international organisations have criticized the UK government’s response to the refugee crisis terming it “seriously inadequate.”

In an open letter to Prime Minister David Cameron, the economists call for an urgent, humane and effective governmental response to the refugee crisis.

The economists, who include Mark Malloch-Brown, a former UN deputy secretary general say “it is morally unacceptable for the UK not to play a fuller part in taking in refugees.”

They consider “too low, too slow and too narrow” the UK’s offer of 20,000 resettlement places spread over five years, only open to those still outside the EU.

The economists point out that “as the world’s fifth largest economy, the UK can do far more.”

They urge the UK government to “take a fair and proportionate share of refugees, both those already within the EU and those still outside it.”

The economists urge the UK to establish “safe and legal routes to the UK, as well as to the EU.”

Safe and legal routes should also be established within the EU, including the UK, they say, adding that “there should be access to fair and thorough procedures to determine eligibility for international protection wherever it is sought.”

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