Edinburgh’s Polish residents to paint rosy picture of Scotland, Poland ties

The mural, depicting historic links between the two countries, to be painted this weekend

7th October 2009: The long and interesting history of Scottish and Polish relationships is all set to be written on a wall, literally.
The Polish residents of Edinburgh are not only brightening up Leith Walk, they are also informing the passersby of the historic links between the two countries through murals.
Available information suggests, 26-year-old Krzysztof Chuchra, who has lived in Edinburgh for a year, embarked upon the process of creating a mural after some graffiti led to a debate on Polish web forums.
Describing the graffiti, Chuchra says it was something like ‘I will never forgive Poland’ in Polish probably by someone not happy in Poland.
It led to Chuchra and friend Jarek Gasiorek look at ways to paint a rosy picture for commemorating the ties between the two countries.
Chuchra says their mural celebrates the Scottish and Polish relationships. Elaborating, he says there is a long and interesting history of relationships between the both nations; and they would like to remind people about migrations between both countries that took place in the 1500s and 1700s, through the Second World War until today.
The two have Polish artiste Piotr Tamulewicz on the job to create the mural, which would depict the shapes of both countries and include an illuminated box with information in the countries’ links.
Tamulewicz says he hoped to make Leith all the more beautiful, and tell people about all the history between Scotland and Poland and remind them it didn’t start just in 2004, when the UK opened up for Poland, but years before. The mural is due to be painted during weekend.

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