End indefinite detention of foreign prisoners: Migrants’ rights campaigners

Humane, respectful treatment of all immigration detainees demanded
14th January 2011: Just about three days after the High Court ruled the forced detention of three children of two failed asylum seeker mothers at Yarl’s Wood immigration centre was unlawful, migrants’ rights campaigners and activists are demanding an end to indefinite detention of foreign national prisoners.
Some of these foreign national prisoners routinely spend three or more years under lock and key as they await deportation after serving their sentence.

The judgment has also given rise to the demand for humane and respectful treatment of all immigration detainees.

Referring to the child detention judgment, The Institute of Race Relations (IRR) News has asserted: `Migrants’ rights campaigners hope to ensure that the immigration detention of other vulnerable groups, including victims of torture and rape, will receive the same level of public and judicial scrutiny’.

Frances Webber of IRR News has added: `Meanwhile, with foreign national prisoners routinely spending three or more years locked up awaiting deportation after they have served their sentence, the campaign continues for an end to indefinite detention and for the humane and respectful treatment of all immigration detainees’.
In the child detention case, Justice Wyn Williams had ruled the two mothers of three children had suffered human rights breaches and were entitled to claim damages.

Justice Wyn Williams had added the three children were unlawfully detained after their deportation orders were cancelled. The Judge also directed the Home Office lawyers to agree damages with the mothers.

Families with children can be detained for removal only under exceptional circumstances


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