EU giving Britain, Ireland & Denmark option not to accept 20,000 refugees to be distributed across Europe

The EU’s executive have agreed to take in 20,000 refugees over two years, placing them across Europe. However, Britain, Ireland and Denmark have been given the option to not accept any of them. Britain has already opted out of the plan. 

Italy, Germany and Austria are in favour of a quota system while countries like Italy are dealing with an influx, however, other EU states oppose this. Under a quota system based on country size and output, as Britain has opted out, Germany would take the most migrants followed by France and then Italy followed by Spain. 

British Home Secratary Theresa May spoke out today, criticizing the EU’s handling of the Mediterranean migrant crisis, saying that by not sending economic migrants back, we were encouraging them to come. 

It is believed that only 25 of 28 EU member countries will take in migrants.

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