EU trade deal to pave way for tens of thousands of Indians into UK

Indians looking for greener pastures in UK have a reason to cheer

21st February 2011:Indians looking for greener pastures in the UK have a reason to cheer.



An EU trade deal has paved way for tens of thousands of Indian migrants annually into the UK.

The workers to be allowed into the UK every year under the trade deal are mostly skilled IT professionals; and will apparently go around the Government’s new immigration cap.

According to the estimates, Indians may get nothing less than 20,000 UK visas annually under the deal being negotiated with the EU. In return, India has put forward an annual £4-billion trade with the EU.

The deal was initiated by former Trade Commissioner Lord Mandelson in 2007. It is expected to be signed by the end of June.

Sunday Telegraph reported that Britain will have to accept the workers in exchange for potentially lucrative export deals under the proposed deal.

Once the European Union accepts the plan led by president of the EU Commission Jose Manuel Barroso, power over migration from outside the EU would be for the first time handed to Brussels.

The workers would be exempt from National Insurance in their first year. To top it all, they will be able to use the NHS for free.

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