EU was established to be single labour market: Labour

`It’s a two-way street’

30th April 2010: The European Union (EU) was established to be a single labour market and it’s a two-way street, Labour has asserted. With this, the party has largely explained its purported `open door policy’.

The party candidate for Truro and Falmouth Charlotte MacKenzie said a large number of people have family, who have left the UK and are benefiting from that experience".

She was one of the three candidates speaking about immigration at a public debate held at the National Maritime Museum in Falmouth.

She added at the same time the UK border controls needed to be tightened. Labour policy would act to strengthen controls on the borders and to count those moving in and out of the country.

Liberal Democrat candidate Terrye Teverson said the number of people arriving and leaving the UK had to be monitored. Referring to Lib Dem policy of sending immigrants to under-populated areas of the UK, she said it would reduce the number of people working on the black market.

Conservative Sarah Newton said tight controls would go a long way in controlling human trafficking.

Describing human trafficking as a matter of real concern, she said it could increase if strict controls were not implemented.

She said it encouraged people to come to Europe and to hide in the shadows of the job market because they know if they can just stay there long enough there will be amnesty.

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