European Union under fire for racist ad

A young woman dressed as the heroine of Tarantino's Kill Bill faces three "bad guys": a Chinese kung fu master, a flying turbaned Sikh warrior armed with scimitar and a powerful black Brasilian capoeira fighter. Surrounded, she remains calm, closes her eyes, breathes. Then she multiplies and surrounds her attackers, forcing them to sit down and talk.

It should have been a promotional spot for the enlargement of the European Union, explaining the slogan "the more we are, the stronger we are." The video, however, has sparked a lot of controversy on the Web, enough to have it withdrawn.

A white European woman who, focusing on thought and dialogue, wins over the violence of ultra-stereotyped foreign men is said to suggest a racist, sexist, and imperialist message.

The question of what exactly is European identity rises to the fore. The 'bad guys' are actually typical – and sought after, I'd add – members of any European city, a intergrating part of our community, very likely full-fledged citizens as well.



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