Even zero immigration will not prevent Birmingham from becoming minority white


Immigration cap won’t reverse the trend

31st January 2011: Do not blame the immigrants! Birmingham is set to become minority white city, even if further immigration levels are reduced to zero. At least this is what Professor Ludi Simpson has to say.

diversity_small.jpgA Professor of Population Studies at Manchester University’s Cathie Marsh Centre for Census and Survey Research, Prof Simpson is also the author of a recent report on the declining number of white British schoolchildren in Birmingham.

Prof Simpson has made it clear the factor behind the demographic change in Birmingham was now no longer immigration.

He is also of the belief that reining in the levels of immigration will not stop Birmingham from having a white minority population in the future.

Prof Simpson was also made it amply evident that he did not believe the coalition’s policy of immigration caps could reverse the trend.

Prof Simpson was quoted as saying future immigration is not the reason for this change. Even zero immigration will not prevent Birmingham from becoming minority white, although it could slow the process down.

The research has found that Birmingham and Leicester were now being dominated by under-16’s belonging to Asian, African, and other ethnic communities.

Quoting the research, the Daily Mail asserted white children comprise just 47 per cent of the population in both cities now. As far as Birmingham is concerned, the report stated that 53 per cent of children under 16 were from white families in 2006.

At the time of the last census in 2001, 70.4 per cent of Birmingham’s population of all age ranges was white and 29.6 per cent from a variety of ethnic backgrounds, dominated by those with Asian, Caribbean and African origins.


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