Fake marriages on a rise in the UK

Home Office warns of prosecution

Tags: Immigrants, sham marriages, Law Lords

6th October 2009: Not all marriages are made in heaven! Some are solemnized on earth just to get an opportunity to stay in Britain. And, going by the home office figures, illegal immigrants are increasingly staging such fake marriage ceremonies.
You may find it incredible, but the home office figures reveal an estimated 261 "fake marriages" took place in the first half of this year. Going by the trend, you would have over 500 such marriages by the year end.
A look at the statistics reveals that in 2004, as many as 3,578 sham marriages took place; but the number sharply fell to 282 in 2006. A reversal of sorts is now being witnessed with an increase of 80 per cent this year.
This follows a court ruling the previous year, when the Law Lords said strict rules against fake marriages were "unlawful" and breached human rights, and could deny genuine couples the right to marry.
A Home Office spokesman said they would not tolerate immigration abuse and would take action against those breaking the immigration laws. If they identified marriages that did not appear to be genuine, we would challenge them, which may result in prosecution.

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