Few hours before deportation, man kills at privately run detention centre

35-year-old is believed to have hanged himself in toilet block

4th August 2011:
Few hours before he was to be deported, a man killed himself at a privately run detention centre — the fellow inmates are claiming.
The 35-year-old is believed to have hanged himself in the toilet block at Campsfield House detention centre in Oxfordshire  Tuesday morning.

A fellow detainee, on the condition of anonymity, said the man had turned very anxious as he was just a few hours away from deportation.

The fellow inmate asserted pressure was being put on him. He was being told he had no right to stay in this country. He was normally a very quiet person. But, the pressure is too much for people in here.

Confirmed that a 35-year-old man had died, the UK Border Agency said it was in the process of contacting his family and their sympathies were with them. A spokesman said the police and prisons and probation ombudsman were probing the matter, as is the norm, and they were cooperating fully with their investigations.

The incident again brings to focus the conditions at the centre, the policy of indefinite detention and forced returns.

In fact, the inmates at Campsfield House, holding about 200 asylum seekers and foreign prisoners, have protested in the past also the issues.

Only the previous year, about half of detainees went on hunger strike to protest against their treatment and the forced deportation of asylum seekers.

In 2005, Kurdish teenager Ramazan Kumluca had killed himself, after spending more than four months in Campsfield.

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