For Christmas, support for Calais migrants

In run up to Christmas, Kent Refugee Help to be in Calais

23rd November 2009: Just over two months after refugee groups urged Britain to take in some of the youngsters from bulldozed fetid forest camp near Calais, the charity workers are heading for Calais to offer support to immigrants.

In the run up to Christmas, the delegates from Kent Refugee Help hope to go to Calais on Sunday, December 6.

They are expected to hand out clothes, sleeping bags and blankets to immigrants left sleeping on the streets after French authorities bulldozed the Jungle in September.
In all, a total of 278 people, mainly immigrants from Afghanistan, were detained in the first phase of the operation. Nearly half of them were minors. The refugee groups had come out in the open to criticize the operation

Giving details, volunteer Kate Adams said her group was planning to work with the No Borders Network, an organisation protesting against human migration controls.

Describing it as a humanitarian crisis, she said representatives from the network were already based in Calais.
An independent aid worker from Deal Zoe Wilkinson is also going along.

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