Foreign workers act as oil that helps economic machinery run smoothly in UK

Figuratively speaking, foreign workers act as oil that helps the economic machinery run smoothly in the UK.


Latest figures reveal the number of British workers in jobs went down by 311,000 during the past year. On the other hand, the number of foreign employees increased by nothing less than 181,000.

It has also come out that the number of foreign employees at a leading firm of plumbers too has doubled over the past two years.

It has also emerged that the number of foreign-born workers employed at Pimlico Plumbers, London’s largest independent plumbers, has doubled during the past two years to 40. It now comprises 20 per cent of the staff.

The Daily Mail quoted him as saying they are mostly from South Africa and work as plumbers and tradesmen, roles which command annual salaries between £50,000 and £70,000.

Interviews carried out by the Daily Mail for knowing the reasons behind the phenomena have revealed the foreign workers have the right attitude and are prepared to work harder, while some British prefer to rely on Government handouts rather than get up early for a job.

A boss employing foreign workers even believes it is easier to teach English to foreign applicants than it is to try to instill the right work ethic in English-speaking youth.



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