FT poll shows widespread hostility to jobless migrants

Many oppose right for other EU citizens to work in Britain
16th March 2009: More than three-quarters of British adults believe that immigrants who do not have jobs should be asked to leave the country, a new FT/Harris survey shows.

Majority of the respondents also oppose the right for other European Union citizens to work in Britain.

“The poll figures are not a surprise, they are a concern, and in significant part they are because the public don’t believe that the government has got control,” immigration minister Phil Woolas told the Financial Times.

“The central goal of my immigration policy is to provide the assurance to the public that we know who’s here and who’s not here,” he said.

“What this poll represents is the combination of that policy failure with the obvious pressures on the job market because of the recession,” Mr. Damian Green, shadow immigration minister told FT.

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