GCSEs and A-Levels in many languages to be removed

young student in classroom

Exam boards AQA and OCR have published the language subjects that are to be scrapped and have included many Asian languages. A-levels in Bengali and Punjabi are being removed, but will still be offered at GCSE level and Gujarati is being removed altogether. This follows the announcement that language qualifications in Portuguese, Polish, Modern Hebrew, Turkish, Dutch and Persian were also being scrapped. 

It is believed these cuts are being made because of a shortage of experienced examiners to mark and set the papers.

A spokesperson from AQA added that "the small number of students choosing to study these subjects at A-level makes it very hard to set appropriate grade boundaries."

MP Fiona MacTaggart argued that the axing of these languages does not take into account the growth of the communities and others added that languages are largely respected in universities and provide economic benefit between different countries.

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