General public urged to give illegal immigrants away

Information from public extremely important: Green
16th May 2011: And now, the general public has been urged to give illegal immigrants away.  
Claiming that the UK is no longer an `easy touch for illegal immigrants, Minister for immigration Damian Green has urged members of the public to provide intelligence.

The assertion comes with a claim that intelligence-led operations have led to 1,400 arrests in recent months.
The statement came soon after independent chief inspector of the UK Border Agency published his report into the UK Border Agency’s use of intelligence.

John Vine’s inspection took place between 15 October and 9 December 2010 and focused on how the agency obtains and uses information about abuse of the immigration system and customs controls.

He reported although significant improvements in the use of intelligence have been made, there is more to be done. This includes ensuring that records of all allegations from the public are kept, along with a record of actions taken.

The UKBA quoted Minister for immigration Damian Green as saying: `Enforcement activity is the cornerstone of our new immigration system and our intelligence-led approach means we are working smarter; focussing resources where they matter the most.’
He added information from the public was extremely important. ‘The UK Border Agency very much welcomes members of the public providing intelligence and a lot of that is the basis of the intelligence-led work that we do,’ he said.

‘Let the message be clear, the UK is no longer an easy touch for illegal immigrants.’

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