Glasgow charity calls for funds to help asylum seekers

Positive Action for Housing has been providing cash, food, shelter 29th December 2010: With Scotland facing one of the severest winters, a Glasgow charity has called for funds to continue this much-needed humanitarian work.
Positive Action for Housing with Robina Qureshi as its Director has been providing cash and food, besides arranging shelter for more than 72 asylum seekers and their families.

In fact, the Scottish charity works to enable everyone to have an equal chance to live in safe homes, free from discrimination or the fear of racial harassment.

It provides destitute refugees with food, shelter and access to legal advice. Its campaigns highlight racism and human rights abuses.

The charity has already raised £8000. It is looking to raise another £2000 to allow the work to continue.

The need for funds stems from the fact asylum seekers are not allowed to work to support themselves. They are not even allowed to claim benefits.

The previous year the charity helped as many as 356 desperate people find food and shelter, and in the process saved them from living on the street. The charity is currently giving out a monthly £2000 in crisis payments to vulnerable people. They include pregnant women, young people, families, elderly people and ones suffering from severe mental health problems, HIV or diabetes.

A spokesman said to ensure the service continues over winter, they desperately need donations to continue much-needed humanitarian work.

Scotland is facing one of the severest winters and they want to ensure they can give additional support to everyone who needs it.

You can donate online via credit/debit or PayPal at

Or you can send a cheque made payable to Positive Action in Housing Hardship Fund to the Admin Manager, PAIH, 98 West George St, Glasgow G2 1PJ.

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