`Global warming is triggering off exodus’: Lovelock

Italy has a larger navy than Britain to keep African immigrants out: Green guru

boat-people2.png01 July 2010: Global warming is triggering off exodus. And unprotected British shores could actually result in starvation.

Green movement champion James Lovelock came out with the warning at the Hay Festival of Literature in Herefordshire, Wales.

The 90-year-old came out with the warning that as world population registered an increase, climate change would result in mass immigration — something north – Italy was already witnessing.

As a result, Britain would be considered a “life-raft” by many “dispossessed”. He also warned that starvation could be the result of unprotected British shores, as the country with a population of around 60 million people was already at about its optimum size.

He claimed Italy has a larger navy than Britain and it is to keep immigrants from Africa out

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