“Go home or face arrest” vans reported to advertising watchdog

Lord Lipsey, a Labour peer has reported the government’s “Go home or face arrest” van campaign to the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA).

The vans were last week driven around six London boroughs in a pilot project.

Lord Lipsey, who is a former member of the ASA’s council, in particular, objected to the claim that there had been “106 arrests last week in your area”, reported.

He said the figure was “grossly misleading” because of the “huge” area referred to.

"If the Government is to mount a campaign of this nature, it is incumbent on it to ensure that it does not exaggerate or lie, in breach of the advertising code of practice. On the face of things, this advert falls far short of the standards insisted on by the ASA. I have accordingly asked it to rule urgently on its acceptability," Lord Lipsey said.

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