Going gets tougher for illegal migrants in Manchester, more operations planned

Six illegal immigrants in Manchester
25th August 2011: The UK Border Agency has made it clear that it is going to get tougher for the illegal migrants in Manchester, with more operations against immigration crime planned.
The assertion came soon after the UKBA caught six illegal immigrants in Manchester.

UKBA’s Operations Director in the North West, Eddy Montgomery, said:  ‘This is the latest in a series of operations we’ve carried out to tackle immigration crime in Manchester, and more are planned.

‘Illegal working has a serious impact on communities, taking jobs from those who are genuinely allowed to work. Businesses which operate outside the law should be warned that they will be found and they will be punished.’

The UKBA said the enforcement operation was carried out as part of a nationwide campaign to tackle immigration crime.

Acting on information received, the officers visited Tiger, Tiger to question staff and ensure they had right to be in the UK. The owners of Tiger Tiger were fully co-operative in the planned operation.

Six illegal workers were found at the restaurant at Maxwell House, Unit 5-6 Withy Grove, Manchester.

Three Jamaican women, two Jamaican men and one Nigerian man were all found to working illegally and employed by an agency who supplied workers to the restaurant.

Five of the six arrested remain detained pending removal from the UK. One 79-year-old Jamaican man, who was also found to have overstayed his visa was released on immigration bail.

The agency contracted Morris Morris UK Ltd to supply workers now faces a civil penalty fine of up to £10,000 for each illegal worker, a total of £60,000. To avoid a fine, the employers must provide evidence that legally-required pre-employment checks were carried out on the staff arrested.

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