Government committed to fighting hate crime and extremism

Security Minister James Brokenshire has reaffirmed the government's commitment to tackling extremism.

On 18th November 2013, Mr. Brokenshire spoke at a roundtable discussion at Manchester Central Mosque and Islamic Cultural Centre.

Security Minister James BrokenshireThe event was also attended by representatives from Manchester City Council and Greater Manchester Police.

It was the first in a series of UK visits arranged to highlight the steps being taken to combat extremism and demonstrate how this work is supported by action to protect religious institutions.

Mr. Brokenshire condemned attacks against mosques and Islamic centres in the aftermath of events in Woolwich, including those carried out by Pavlo Lapshyn in the West Midlands.

“The government takes hate crime and extremism of all kinds very seriously. Freedom of worship has long been a part of British tradition, and everyone in this country has the right to practise their faith without fear of intimidation, harassment or violence,” Mr. Brokenshire said.

During the summer, police visited approximately 150 institutions in Greater Manchester, following up their visits by distributing basic safety and security advice and increasing patrols in some areas.

Nationally, Prime Minister David Cameron set up the Extremism Task Force to see what more could be done to tackle extremism in all its forms, including the threat of far-right groups. This will build on the work of the Prevent programme.

The government also supported the establishment of Tell MAMA, an initiative which measures and monitors anti-Muslim incidents in England and refers victims to support services.

“Terrorists and extremists seek to destroy togetherness and cause division among people. This government and the police are working hard to ensure safety and security but, most importantly, it is the resilience and determination of people across Britain, including those I met in Manchester, to stand firm that will ensure extremists never succeed,” Mr. Brokenshire said.

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