Government to end children’s overnight detention across UK

Damian Green listens to views on options to detaining children


16th June 2010:
After putting to an end overnight detention of children at Dungavel Immigration Removal Centre in Scotland, the government wants to ensure this happens across the UK.

The UK Border Agency said this after views on alternatives to detaining children for immigration purposes were aired in Glasgow, at the first public meeting on the issue.

Immigration Minister Damian Green listened to contributions from a wide range of people, including representatives of local authorities, children’s charities and refugee organisations.

Green said: ‘We are determined to replace the current process with something more humane without compromising our need to remove people who have no right to be in this country.

‘It is important that we work together to reach a practical alternative to keeping children in detention. Today’s meeting was about achieving just that, and I want to thank those organisations who joined me in seeking that solution.

‘I am keen to hear all views, and today’s meeting was just one of many discussions I will be having over the coming weeks. I hope they can all be as productive and constructive as today’s has been.’

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