Green reiterates stand on border police force

`It will prevent illegal migrants from staying below radar’

22nd February 2010: Shadow Immigration Minister Damian Green has reiterated his stand on the setting up of a border police force.

The reiteration came in response to the reports that more than 1,000 illegal migrants on an average every year succeeded to stay, ever since a relatively obscure rule was introduced by the Government way back in 2003.

According to the rule, the illegal migrants can apply to the Home Office after 14 years. It is the Home Office, which then decides whether an illegal immigrant will have to go, or is to be permitted to stay.

Green said additional efforts were required to be made to stop people from reaching the 14-year level. He added one reason why they wanted to set up a border police force was to prevent people being able to stay in Britain below the radar.

The plans to establish a dedicated border police service to strengthen controls was mooted some three years back. The intention is to prevent drug dealers, people smugglers, illegal immigrants, gun importers and terrorists from entering and operating in the UK.

The border force is to be created by bringing together the existing personnel and resources from agencies such as the Immigration Service, HM Revenue and Customs, Serious and Organised Crime Agency, the Metropolitan Police’s Security Command and the Ports Police Forces.

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