Griffin challenges Johnson to debate immigration

`Only the BNP has dared to talk on immigration effects’

11th November 2009: A day after Home Secretary Alan Johnson refused to share a common public platform with the British National Party (BNP) to debate on immigration, its leader Nick Griffin has called for deliberations over the issue on television.

The BNP leader has, in fact, challenged Johnson to a “debate on immigration”.

Johnson had asserted in his view he would still not share a platform with a fascist. That had been his view for 59 years and he had no intentions of changing it.

Reacting to Johnson’s assertions and recent call for a “rational debate” on the issue, Griffin said Johnson had touched a raw nerve on the body politic. He asserted it was true only the BNP dared to talk about the effect of unlimited mass Third World immigration into Britain.

It was also absolutely true increasing numbers of people were turning to the BNP because of other parties’ refusal to even mention the topic.

Griffin said everyone knew the Tory, Labour and Lib-Dem alliance has refused to discuss immigration as mass immigration was their policy.

The BNP leader insisted time had indeed come for a rational debate on immigration; a deliberation free from normal hysteria which accompanies any mention of the topic.

The party, he said, would like to discuss the long-term demographic impact of immigration. At current levels, it would see indigenous British people becoming an absolute minority within 30 or 40 years.

Elaborating, he said the BNP would like to see a rational debate on why the Tory/Labour/Lib-Dem alliance insisted on granting asylum to people who crossed 20 safe countries to get to Britain; the BNP would also like to see a rational debate on the fact 71 percent of all new jobs created over the past few years have gone to immigrants.

Griffin said the party would further like to see a rational debate on the extent of immigrant crime upon the indigenous population; and the financial cost of immigration to the British taxpayer.

Griffin said they challenge Johnson to have the strength of character to put his words into action and debate immigration on television with the BNP.

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