Gurkha campaigner seeks defence minister’s removal

Gerald Howarth had compared “brave British Army veterans” with asylum seekers

19th September 2011:
Gurkha campaigner Peter Carroll is seeking the removal of defence minister Gerald Howarth for comparing “brave British Army veterans” with asylum seekers.
Claiming he was “aghast”, Carroll said he would write to the Prime Minister asking him to remove Howarth.

The defence minister is facing criticism and calls for his resignation for saying retired Gurkhas must be dispersed in the UK like “asylum seekers”.

His assertion echoed the sentiments of some people, who have been claiming the overrunning of local services by retired Gurkhas and their families given the right to settle in Britain.

He told BBC Radio 5 Live: “There needs to be a policy of dispersal.”

Howarth also appealed to “any local authority leaders listening”, while adding “Why not invite the Nepalese community to come and settle in their areas?”

Complaining about the strain on the NHS in his constituency, he said: “It’s all very well the nation saying we owe these people a debt of gratitude.”

The MP made it clear that a policy of dispersal was required; and added it was a perfectly sensible policy. Dispersal was what they do with asylum seekers.”


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