Half a million vacant jobs across Britain

Tabloids and politicians claim migrants have taken all “our jobs”

21 January 2009 – New figures out today show there are still over half a million vacancies across the country, and that despite unprecedented global economic challenges causing UK unemployment to rise, the Government is helping people with real support to get back into work as quickly as possible.

Employment Minister, Tony McNulty said:
“In these tough times, people need real help to find a job. That’s exactly what this Government is offering and everyday people are finding work.
“These figures show that whilst more people are claiming Jobseekers Allowance, 231,000 have come off in the last month as people take advantage of the extra help on offer. “Our message to job seekers is clear – we won’t give up on you but you mustn’t give up on looking for work.”

A robust package of support for people who lose their jobs is in place including: more funding for Jobcentre Plus’ Rapid Response Service (RRS), which provides support on the ground when companies are looking to make people redundant; an extra 6,000 frontline staff to help people from day one; and for the 25% of people who don’t move off Jobseekers’ Allowance within six months, more money for retraining, a chance of subsidised employment, volunteering opportunities and even help to set up their own business.

“Every person looking needs to know that there are jobs out there and we will give you the support you need to fill one of those half a million vacancies that are available right now. We will continue to ensure everyone who loses their job has access to the full range of support that Jobcentre Plus has available,” Minister McNulty said.

“Our message to job seekers is clear – we won’t give up on you but you mustn’t give up on looking for work.”

The Labour Market Statistics are published today by the UK Statistics Authority and can be found at

Last week, The Daily Mail reported about Labour MP Frank Field who said Britain’s three million migrants would simply swallow up all the jobs. Mr. Field blamed the Government for advertising thousands of jobs to foreigners without Brits knowing.

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