Have your say on how to attract high net worth migrants to UK as investors, entrepreneurs

*UK government consulting public on immigration cap

*Consultation to end on September 17

19th August 2010: You can have your say on how to attract high net worth migrants to the UK as investors and entrepreneurs. For the UK Coalition Government is consulting with the public working out the immigration cap. The new cap is expected to largely affect Tier 2 and Tier 1 visa applications. The consultation is aimed at how the immigration cap should work in practice.


The consultation would also look at how to attract high net worth migrants to the UK as investors and entrepreneurs. It had been suggested that lowering UK tax rates would probably help to attract wealthy individuals from abroad and would also result overall in fewer high net worth individuals leaving the UK.

The Migration Advisory Committee (MAC) is also having their own consultation on the immigration cap. The consultation is scheduled to end on September 7. The UK Government Consultation started on 28 June 2010 and is expected to end on September 17. The permanent limits on non-EU economic immigration would then be put in place on April 1 next year.

UK immigration said that they hoped to draw the brightest and the best people to the UK. But at the same time they did not want uncontrolled migration. There have been apprehensions in the UK that unlimited levels of immigration have put too much pressure on public services, schools and housing.

The Director of HSMP Forum Limited Amit Kapadia who has been very successful in opposing the changes on immigration policy in the High Court  said the UK Government’s move to impose an irrational cap would be opposed

He asserted that the chances of any sort of cap working out were minimal.  He added it would not be viable.

Kapadia further elaborated that the effects remained to be seen, but if the government really tried to implement drastic measures it was going to cause a lot of unhappiness, especially among migrants who worked hard and pay taxes.

The temporary immigration cap had already caused problems for businesses in the UK. Some businessmen were said to be fuming as they have had to substantially reduce the number of people that they could employ under the Tier 2 visa scheme.

 In some cases businesses had been given a zero allocation of certificates of sponsorship and would not be able to employ anyone new under the Tier 2 visa in the next financial year. London First that represents a number of large British companies called the immigration cap economically insane. Some businesses were even threatening to leave the UK.

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