Health Surcharge introduced in the UK for migrants

Medical Billing Statement

Nationals from outside Europe (Non EEA Nationals) in the UK for longer than six months will be required to pay a ‘health surcharge’ to gain access to the National Health Service (NHS).

The health surcharge is £200 per year and £150 per year for students and is paid at the time that individuals submit their online visa application. The amount payable will cover the entire period of permission to stay. For example, a person coming to the UK as a sponsored skilled migrant or renewing their work visa for three years, will be required to pay the charge in full for the three year period at the point of application for their visa. That applicant would therefore pay £600 on top of the visa application costs.

If your visa has been rejected or you have withdrawn your visa application, you are entitled to recover these additional health services fees.

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