Help Migrants Rights Network build support for migrants in Parliament

Migrants Rights Network (MRN) needs help in building support for migrants in Parliament.

This week Migrants Rights Network helped to launch a parliamentary inquiry into the impact of new family migration rules.

Providing the Secretariat to the All-Party Parliamentary Group on Migration, MRN brought together concerned MPs from across the political parties.

The new family migration rules are forcing families to live apart. “These devastating rules have deemed those who are earning below £18.400 to be too poor to live with somebody from abroad,” says Don Flynn, Director of Migrants Rights Network.

As a result of MRN’s work an independent Parliamentary inquiry, led by shadow Equalities Minister Kate Green MP, has been launched to put these rules under the spotlight.

MRN, however, needs to do much more to build support for migrants in Parliament.

You are encouraged to donate £10 to help MRN fight for better immigration policies. For further information on how to donate, please visit:

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