Here’s what women in Britain expect to receive on Valentine’s Day



A new survey by Allianz Insurance has revealed what women in Britain expect to receive on Valentine’s Day.

According to the survey, one in four women in Britain expect to receive jewellery on Valentine’s Day.

The survey also found that for those who receive a proposal to go with their jewellery, one in five engagement rings will cost between £750 to over £3,000 (the national average cost is £573).

Most Brits buy their gifts seven days in advance with an average spend of £65. There are still plenty of last minute panics though as one in five people buy their gift just a day or two before.

The most generous in terms of gifts are Londoners who splash out an average of £88, followed by people in the West Midlands who spend an average of £72.

There are also people who don’t believe in giving gifts. For instance, 10% of people in the East Midlands don’t give any gifts at all.

At least 20% of Brits say they have either given or received an unusual gift on the Valentine’s Day. Some of the unusual gifts are: A musical chicken; new teeth; a wooden bucket; a pineapple; and a shopping trolley coin.

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