Hogan-Howe: No to racism or racists in Met

Met will not tolerate racism, Metropolitan Police Commissioner Bernard Hogan-Howe has said.

In a message to Met officers and staff, Commissioner Hogan-Howe said he was shocked about “the recent reports of apparent racist remarks and alleged assault by some officers in Newham in August of last year.”

A man who was arrested in the week of the London riots recently described how the police subjected him to racial abuse. The 21 year old man said he recorded the incident in his mobile phone.

The police used racial epithets and said his mother was a "whore", the man said.

"I felt humiliated. It was the worst experience of my life. Words cannot describe how it feels to have all them people against you and you can't do nothing," he said.

The police not only said "sexual stuff" about the man’s mother, but also used foul and racist language towards him while he sat in the back of a police van on 11th August 2011. "Hearing that from a police officer, it just came out of nowhere. They were saying I'm going to die soon. They used the horriblest words," he said.

Commissioner Hogan-Howe said that a similar alleged incident “can be very damaging to public confidence.”

He made it clear to the officers and staff that “there is no place for racism in the Met.”

Commissioner Hogan-Howe described Met as “a great organisation – one we should all be proud to work for.”

"What we have heard over the last few days is of course completely at odds with all the close work that goes on with communities across London every day. We work hard to forge strong relationships with people who can advise us and rightly hold us to account,” he said.

Commissioner Hogan-Howe urged the officers and staff to go out and remind the communities of their “commitment to fairness and professionalism.”

"We have a duty to challenge or report any behaviour by colleagues which is less than the high standard demanded by the service and Londoners themselves. You cannot avoid that duty. Nor can I,” Commissioner Hogan-Howe said. "I will not stand for any racism or racists in the Met."

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