Homeless Eastern Europeans flown home

Charity Thames Reach uses government-backed scheme to help them leave

5th March 2009: Eastern European immigrants who have been living rough on the streets of London are being flown back home in a government-backed scheme, BCC reports.

The Department of Communities and Local Government has allocated a £120,000 grant for this purpose.

Those who want to return home after failing to find work or housing in the UK are now being helped by Charity Thames Reach.

Thames Reach is a London-based charity helping homeless and vulnerable people to find decent homes, build supportive relationships and lead fulfilling lives. Their vision is to end street homelessness.

"When we have people in circumstances in central London who are in the state we are seeing some of these people in, ultimately they are going to be a drain on the NHS," Thames Reach chief executive Jeremy Swain told BBC. "So getting them back will save us money."

Mr. Swain said said that most central and eastern European immigrants working in the UK had "thrived" and contributed to the economy. But a small number had ended up in poverty, facing language difficulties and struggling with benefits.
Thames Reach said it would continue to support rough sleepers who wanted to stay in the UK.


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