Hopes of making it to UK may have diminished, but gates are still open

Changes since April 2011 have left many prospective applicants affected

12th May 2011: Hopes of making it to the UK may have diminished with the recent amendments in the UK immigration system. But the gates are still open. So you do not really have to give up, without giving it a try.
As per the UKPRwire, the changes carried out since April 2011 have left a substantial  number of prospective applicants affected. As the UK Tier 1 visa has closed down, potential candidates have lost hope on immigrating to the UK, as it was one of the most sought after immigration programs.

It goes on to add hopes are diminished, but gates are not closed yet. Entrepreneurs and investors intending to make big cash in the UK have the option of applying under the UK Tier 1 Entrepreneur and Investor category, which too has gone through major changes last month, of course in positive limelight.

UK Tier 1 Investor category has witnessed the cut down of its five-year minimum residence obligation by a generous margin. Similarly, UK Entrepreneur category under the Tier 1 visa would see successful potential applicants getting settlement approval at a faster pace. The introduction of the new UK visitor visa has further added another option for the prospective UK immigrants.

Quoting immigration expert at Abhinav, Ajay Sharma, UKPRwire says the changes may affect applicants applying under the UK Tier 1 General Skilled Category, but has surely advanced ways for budding investors and entrepreneurs, hence applauding UK as a promising business destination for imminent talent.

Sharma adds applicants with plans to relocate or immigrate permanently will need to look at other immigration options for skilled workers like Federal skilled worker program to Canada, Quebec skilled worker program, Australia skilled migrant program and New Zealand skilled program through expression of interest process.
Prospects interested in UK investor and business programs should also closely look at immigrant investor program to Canada, EB-5, and Visa to USA and New Zealand long term business visa.

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