Housing benefit ban for jobless migrants “electoral gimmick”, says UKIP

The UK Government’s decision to ban new migrant jobseekers from the European Economic Area (EEA) from accessing housing benefit is “an electoral gimmick,” UKIP's Head of Policy Unit Tim Aker has said.

"This is a key example of government posturing when the horse has already bolted out of the barn door. It is an electoral gimmick. The panicked Tories, terrified that they are going to come third in May's European elections, are doing exactly what they do best – talking when they should be acting.”

Mr. Aker claimed that the new rules “still mean that migrants can come and claim jobseeker's allowance, but that they may be challenged if they seek to claim additional benefits on top. It isn't good enough.”

Under UKIP policy, migrants who would like to come to the UK to permanently settle will be required to financially support themselves for five years, Mr. Aker said.

“In other words, they would have to pay into the pot before they can take anything out of it. Those coming on work permits would be in skilled jobs that will ensure they are a net contributor to the Treasury and in jobs where Britain has a skills shortage. That is the type of robust approach on immigration that people want, but that of course we can't have whilst we remain in the EU,” Mr. Aker said.

Jobless European migrants banned from claiming housing benefit

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