How skilled worker cap is crippling curry restaurants and takeaways in UK

curry house

curry house

A crippling shortage of chefs caused by the Government’s cap on skilled workers from outside the EU is forcing UK’s curry houses to close down.

The cap on skilled workers from outside the EU requires chefs to earn £29,570 annually, which is at least £5,000 more than the standard pay for such posts.

The Bangladesh Caterers Association UK, the trade body for the UK’s 12,000 curry restaurants and takeaways, told the that each week, at least two curry houses are closing due to shortage of chefs.

“This is a way of life under threat because right across the country there are no chefs coming in,” Eman Ali, founder of the British Curry Awards and owner of Le Raj restaurant in Epsom, Surrey, told “The Government’s policy is totally destroying our industry.”

According to the Bangladesh Caterers Association UK, the future of curry houses employing more than 100,000 people in Britain is threatened.

Now that the first generation of curry house owners and chefs start to retire, it is difficult to replace them since their university-educated children are after highly-paid jobs.

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