Human rights judges asked not to stop deportation of failed asylum seekers, terrorists

Ministers believe it help UK to expel more foreign criminals, failed asylum seekers


28th April 2011: The Council of Europe has asked human rights judges in Strasbourg to stop blocking deportation of failed asylum seekers and terrorists.


The Council of Europe oversees the Strasbourg court. It is charged with enforcing its judgments.

Its declaration is may not be obligatory on the judges. In fact, they have frequently not agreed with the wishes of the British Parliament. But at the same time the declaration sends a message that the Court’s actions will no longer be put up with.

A joint statement has in fact been issued by each of the 47 countries overseeing the unelected European Court of Human Rights

The Ministers believe it will clear the pathway for the UK to expel more foreign criminals and failed asylum seekers.

Justice Secretary Ken Clarke is believed to be actively involved in convincing other countries to fasten together in the attack on the European Court.
The Mail claimed Justice Secretary Clarke has written exclusively for it saying the court has been defending the indefensible. In future, he wants the Supreme Court to have the final say over who is deported in asylum and immigration matters.

Clarke in the Mail wrote: ‘When human rights are more often associated with defending the indefensible than protecting the vulnerable, we must act.’

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