If you’re Indian, you have better chance to study in UK

Indian students are preferred in admissions, compared to black candidates

9th December 2010: If you are an Indian and eager to study in an educational institute in the UK, you stand a better chance than your black counterparts.
For a report prepared by UK admissions body Ucas suggests Indian students are being preferred in admissions, compared to black candidates for undergraduate courses at Oxford and Cambridge Universities.

A look at Oxford’s latest undergraduate admissions figures published on its website is enough to reveals 77 students of Indian descent were accepted in 2009 out of 466 applications.

At the same time, it emerged 21 of Oxford and Cambridge colleges made no offers to black students the previous year.

Cambridge accepted six black Caribbean undergraduates for the academic year beginning autumn 2009. Offers were not made to black students that year at 11 Oxford colleges and 10 Cambridge colleges.

The data shows more out of than 1,500 academic and lab staff at Cambridge, none are black, while 34 are of British Asian origin.

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