Illegal immigrants in Wolverhampton in for trouble; border force plans regular visits

Illegal immigrants in Wolverhampton are in for trouble, with the border force planning regular visits to the area for checking immigration abuse. The operations are being planned in close collaboration with the police.


The UK Border Agency has, in fact, asserted that immigration issues are of great concern to the local people and have indeed been brought to fore at recent meetings across the city by the communities.

The assertions came soon after nine illegal immigrants were caught in Wolverhampton on Tuesday 8 November during a UK Border Agency and West Midlands Police operation. The arrested immigrants include Indians.

The border agency said a team of 17 police and immigration officers visited residential addresses in the Whitmore Reans area of Wolverhampton.

Nine foreign nationals, all men aged between 19 and 45, were arrested after checks showed they had no right to be in the UK. They were staying at properties in Clifford Street, Newhampton Road West and Dunstall Road.

Six of the immigrants were from Afghanistan and three from India. All were taken to police stations in Wolverhampton for further questioning before being transferred to immigration detention centres.

The UKBA added: `We are now taking steps to remove them from the country as soon as possible’.

UK Border Agency’s deputy director, West Midlands, Alice Hopkins, said: 'We are cracking down on immigration abuse across the region and are pleased with the outcome of this operation. Working closely with the police, we will continue to carry out regular visits in the Wolverhampton area.

'We urge members of the public to get in touch with us if they have any information about suspected illegal immigrants or companies that are employing illegal workers.'


Supt Jan Thomas-West, from Wolverhampton Police, added: 'We know that immigration issues are of great concern to local people and they have been highlighted at recent meetings across the city by communities.

'We will continue to work with our partners at the UK Border Agency to carry out regular operations over the coming months.'

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