Illegal immigration route to Western Europe is through Africa, Kazakhstan

Along with Uzbekistan, the countries are emerging as new transit places

12th March 2010:
Africa, Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan are among the places emerging as new transit countries for migration to Western Europe, says a study.

Conducted by K C Saha – former consultant the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC), the study also says the UK and Belgium remain favourite destination among illegal migrants from Punjab, India.

The countries earlier on their list of preferred destinations include Germany, Austria, Spain, Belgium, France, Italy and Greece.

It also claims lack of employment opportunities in Punjab was compelling over 20,000 youths from the border state of India to “illegally” migrate to other countries every year.
The study adds earlier Russia and Ukraine were transit countries, but now other countries like Central Asia are replacing them to move into European countries.

Saha, in ‘Smuggling of Migrants from India to Europe and in particular to UK: A study on Punjab and Haryana’, has also recommended an independent legislation to check human smuggling, as police and judicial system are constrained in dealing with these cases under existing legal provisions.

It has also recommended formation of specialised counter-smuggling law enforcement units at national and state level to sternly deal with illegal migration of people to other countries.

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