Immigrants get all new jobs, say politicians

Labour and Tories ask for British preference regarding UK jobs 12 January 2009 – Labour MP Frank Field said Britain’s three million migrants would simply swallow up all the jobs.

He blamed the Government for advertising thousands of jobs, many in the information technology and telecoms sectors, to foreigners without Brits knowing.

In response to Gordon Brown’s promise to create 100,000 jobs and help get Britain’s unemployed back into work, Mr Field said: “Unless the Government immediately reviews this work permit system so that Britons have a first crack at all jobs, how can the Prime Minister’s emphasis on safeguarding our employment prospects be taken seriously?”

Mr Field and Tory MP Nicholas Soames, of the Cross Party Group on Balanced Migration, claim the UK’s immigration system is stacked against Britain’s jobless.

Mr Field said the Government had trebled the number of permits issued to 130,000 a year – 30,000 more than the number of jobs Mr Brown hopes to create.
His comments come as figures out yesterday showed how 175,000 more foreigners have poured into Britain since the credit crunch erupted.

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