Immigrants will fund services dealing with pressures of migration

Immigrants can strengthen the communities, says PM 

02 December 2008. New rules regarding immigration require that from April 2009, migrants contribute directly towards a new fund that will help local service providers to deal with the short-term pressures of migration.

The “Fair Rules for Strong Communities” has been launched today and is the new government strategy outlining a wide range of policy initiatives designed to support strong communities.

The strategy sets out over fifty measures to strengthen the rules that tie communities together, strengthen enforcement, and provide for clearer consequences for rule-breakers.

The government pledge to enforce strict penalties against immigrants or their employers if they break the rules, including the establishment of new partnerships between local authorities and enforcement agencies to gather intelligence, disrupt illegal activity and track down immigration offenders and failed asylum seekers.

Published on the eve of the Queen’s speech the “Fair Rules for Strong Communities” strategy sets out a comprehensive series of reforms covering immigration and communities, welfare reform, crime and policing, children and young people, business rules, which are designed to bring people together and steer the country through the global economic downturn.

Prime Minister Gordon Brown said:
“We believe in providing real help for families and business now, when they need it.
“But it also means taking action to ensure our communities are strong. Stronger communities, quite simply, will help our country come through these times faster and stronger.
“So as government takes action, we expect people to play their part in return, with clear consequences for those who do not. In a fair society that is what people would expect.
“In Britain, we have always believed there can never be one rule for some, and another rule for others. Rules must apply to individuals, communities and businesses alike.”

Communities Secretary Hazel Blears said:
“People want to see fair rules that apply to everyone, and have a fair say in their communities. This is particularly true in tough economic times. We are – and will continue – to support people who really need our help. But, no-one should be in any doubt if you intend to take more out of the system then you put in, you won’t get away with it. Rights matched by responsibilities: that’s the fair way.”

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