Immigration Bill ineffective and badly targeted, says UKIP

UKIP has lambasted the Government’s Immigration Bill as ineffective and badly targeted.

Paul Oakley, UKIP MEP Candidate in London and criminal barrister, said the Government’s focus was like “trying to put toothpaste back in the tube”

“Pressganging landlords, doctors and private citizens under the threat of sanctions to carry out the work of border agencies is simply wrong. The problem of immigration needs to be prevented, rather than what the Government are doing which is treating the symptoms not the cause,” Mr. Oakley said.

The UKIP politician said he didn’t want his children to “grow up in a country where the demand of ‘papers please’ is normal.”

“UKIP proposes that anybody wishing to enter the UK as a migrant worker, a tourist, or for the first five years of settlement, would need to have health insurance cover as a condition of getting a visa,” Mr. Oakley said.

Immigration Bill, he said, will not solve the problems with UK’s borders or mass, uncontrolled immigration. “This bill does nothing to limit the next wave of migration to the UK from Bulgaria and Romania when migration controls are lifted on January 1, 2014.”

He reminded the UK that it can only effectively control its borders by leaving the EU.

“What we have from the Coalition is gimmicks and gestures that won’t fix the problems we face,” Mr. Oakley said.

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