Immigration-check error on the airport

An airport security blunder allowed a number of passengers to pass through without presenting passports. 21 October 2008. A spokesman for Birmingham International Airport announced that “about 20” people arriving on a KLM flight from Amsterdam on Friday passed through the airport unchecked.

The passengers were mistakenly directed through UK immigration, for passengers arriving from the British Isles, where passport checks are not necessary.

The spokesman said: “About 20 passengers from a domestic EU flight were wrongly directed to follow an internal flight from the British Isles.

“The airport company accepts that an error might have been made in applying UK immigration policy but points out that this would not have compromised other security regimes in place. An investigation is under way."

Despite the error, the passengers would have been subject to other surveillance procedures, the airport said.

The spokesman added: “Although those making flights within the British Isles do not usually have to show passports to immigration, they are, of course, subjected to certain levels of security and surveillance, which for obvious reasons we cannot detail.”

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