Immigration cuts notwithstanding, nurses’ recruitment to go on

Philippine embassy in London believes nurses’ recruitment should remain stable



1st February 2011: Nurses planning to come to the UK need not worry about cuts on immigration and public spending in the UK.

In fact, the Philippine embassy in London believes nurses’ recruitment in Britain, including those of Filipino nurses, should remain stable despite the cuts.

The assertion by the embassy officials came during an event at the Princess Alexandra Hospital in Essex. Welcoming the newly recruited nurses, the officials reassured other nurses from the Philippines that the cuts notwithstanding, the job opportunities in the UK would continue to be available.

In an interview with The Filipino Channel, Atty. Jainal Rasul, Labor Attaché at the Philippine embassy in London, said so far, the UK was not shutting its doors to foreign workers.

Labor Attaché added a ban on the hiring of foreign workers, in particular the nurses, had not been declared. Reductions would be there, due to some changes. But in the long term, there would be more nurses coming in due to shortages of nurses right within the UK.

He was also of the view that the recent changes to British immigration policies should not be a matter of alarm for Filipino migrants already in the UK.

He elaborated as announced by the UK Border Agency those already in the UK – nurses and other professionals – would not be affected by the proposed interim or permanent limit of the UK government.

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