Immigration laws are set to be relaxed: BNP

Around 22,000 unskilled workers to enter Britain
Help need build the Olympic site

11th January 2010:
If you are looking for an opportunity to come to the UK, your probably stand a better chance now.

Available information suggests the Government is planning to bring in tens of thousands of foreign labourers to finish the Olympic Games site and several other major engineering works.

According to the British National Party, a proposal is under active consideration by Government ministers. As per the proposal, immigration laws are set to be relaxed to allow around 22,000 unskilled workers to enter Britain to help build the Olympic site, the Crossrail tunnel in London, the High Speed Two railway line to the north and the decommissioning of old nuclear and coal-fired power stations.

The BNP, on its website claimed, if adopted, the plan would fly in the face of repeated assurances by Gordon Brown that the points system would be “tightened to help give British workers the first chance of jobs.”

The party added latest unemployment figures show that 187,000 jobs have been lost in construction in the past year, as unemployment has risen to nearly 2.5 million.

The BNP added it is unashamedly protectionist with regard to British workers. It makes no economic sense to pay cheap and often substandard work level foreign labourers to do work which British people should be doing.

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